Reiki Training

Reiki I

Reiki I is the first level of the Reiki system. In Reiki I you are introduced to the History of Usui Reiki and you will learn how to heal yourself firstly and then to heal your friends and family through the hands on technique you will learn and practice throughout the course.
You will also be introduced to meditation techniques to assist your connection to the Reiki knowledge and awareness of the subtle energy system.
The course takes you through the 7 Chakra system where you will learn to heal, balance and charge the chakras to create health and harmony within the Mind, Body & Soul.
This is a 6-hour course and is fully certified. You will receive a ritual Attunement, allowing you to use the Reiki indefinitely. 
You will receive an extensive handbook, and your lessons will be live on Zoom with Penelope. In -person courses are possible within London, UK. 


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Reiki II - Practitioner

Reiki II is the second level of the Usui Reiki training system. This level takes you deeper into the knowledge of the Chakra system and the emotional realm of healing. It will help you to identify and treat deep core issues both within yourself and for your clients if you wish to work as a Reiki practitioner.
You will be introduced and initiated to the sacred Reiki symbols through a ritual Attunement, used for deep healing and distance healing. You will be equipped at the end of this course to offer Reiki at a distance and in your own practice, should you wish to take paying clients.
This course includes an introduction to crystal healing to aid your Reiki practice, as Penelope is also a certified Crystal therapist.
This is an 8-hour course and is fully certified. You will receive an extensive booklet and practice notes to complete.
Reiki I is essential to have completed with some practice and reflection before taking on Reiki II. You don’t have to have completed Reiki I with Penelope to train in the other levels with her. 
The teaching of this Reiki II course will be live on zoom with Penelope.


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Reiki III - Master Teacher

Reiki III is taught in 2 parts- Reiki III A- Master training and Reiki III Teacher training. It is the third and final level of the Usui Reiki training structure and allows for one to delve deep into a committed Reiki practice and lifestyle.
The Master element will bring you tools and techniques to guide and support yourself and others to work intentionally with Reiki to achieve a life of balance, harmony and success- both in person and though distance.
The Teaching element will provide you with the tools and knowledge to be able to Attune others into Reiki at all levels and teach others if you wish to do so.
You will be attuned to the Master symbols of Reiki, which will allow you to heal as a Master and to pass on initiations and Attunements to others.
This is a 10-hour course and requires you to have completed both Reiki I and Reiki II and to have had extensive practice on others. 
You will receive an extensive booklet and practical resources to use in your practice and be supported after your training through Penelope’s monthly Reiki Share’s, where you will be able to refresh and deepen your own Reiki understanding and development in a supportive group space.
The teaching of this Reiki III course will be live on zoom with Penelope.


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Monthly Reiki Share

Each month, Penelope runs a Reiki Share, which allows her students and clients to come and receive and give healings in a shred group environment.
Penelope starts with a group activation meditation and Satsang which is themed to a chakra or theme each month.
This is a two hour session.

Students £15

Non-students £25

Why train with Penelope?

Penelope brings her Reiki knowledge and training over from Northern India where she lived under highly respected Reiki Masters in a 1-1, retreat style setting, which enabled her to be fully immersed and taught in alignment with the Eastern core values of healing.
This combined with her Western experience of running her practice in London for the past 10 years, gives her a wide scope of integrated knowledge, experience and wisdom around the complexity of healing. 
Her East meets West approach, sets her apart from other Western Reiki Teachers.
Penelope is a fully trained and experienced Teacher in Education of 25 years, allowing her to teach with great skill and confidence.
You will be supported after your training through Penelope’s monthly Reiki Shares, where you will be able to refresh and deepen your own Reiki understanding and development in a supportive group space.
Penelope is a white woman with long brunette hair just past her shoulders. She ha a side swept fringe and a silky teal shirt. She is standing in front of a pale brick wall and smiling warmly a the camera.

Not sure which course is right for you? Book a call with me and we can talk it through.