How can crystals give us a spark of daily joy through lockdown and beyond?

A selection of crystals o top of a gold framed mirror which is lying on a white cloth

Since my University days, crystals have always been a form of support. At the time, I was managing a ‘Bead-shop’ at the weekends to pay the rent and art materials for my Visual Arts degree. During this time, I fell in love the the semi-precious stones I would meticulously thread for my clients. I realised, I would feel different when using each of the stones, and that the combination of different stones would create a certain energy. Each unique piece, I would make, spoke a different language, radiated a different energy and shone in different ways. 

I found some people being attracted to different stones as they entered the shop and very quickly, I knew what stones people would be drawn too, would need and would suit. Tigers eye, amethyst, rose quartz, lapis lazuli- I used to dream in colours and stones and the elaborate jewellery I would create. 

I then started intentionally using tumble stones in my life. Calming amethyst in my bra, rose quartz on my bedside table- citrine for exams, turquoise for speeches and hematite for grounding….

It was of course not surprising that when I decided to move to London from Australia, to open a new door of exploration within me, that a ring adorned with a huge rainbow moonstone accompanied me….notorious for its ability to enhance self-knowledge, for activating the third-eye and crown chakras, my plunge into the complete unknown was supported by this glorious crystal and it spoke a clear mantra of support “I allow the mystery to unfold”- and that it did.

Throughout the years that followed, crystals have always played a part in my life, through the wearing of them and placing them intentionally around the house to activate Feng Shui, but it wasn’t until I found myself in a Reiki retreat and training in India, that I found the true power of using crystals to heal and balance the heart, body, mind and spirit.I went to India to learn meditation and got a whole lot more than I thought I needed- I learnt to be a Crystal healer, Angel healer and Reiki master/ teacher- and life never looked the same again. It was radiant, calmer and brighter!

Now using crystals for chakra healing, healing crystal layouts and grids and even for distance healing for myself and my clients, the loving radiance and guidance of crystal healing is becoming a form of support during lockdown and the tradition out of it. I also have crystals for my daughter to help uplift and calm her anxiety and bring her confidence in the challenges she has faced this year.

Crystals carry a natural energy that when placed near the corresponding chakra, can help cleanse and balance that chakra. They are also a source of comfort when used on their own and in my online crystal courses, you learn which stones to use for which emotion- grief, anxiety, depression, balance, self confidence, relationships and more….you also learn how to use each crystal to help balance the chakra , so you learn to become your own healer, in my advanced crystal sessions.

You will learn that by connecting to the natural healing elements of nature, help you connect to the nature hidden within you. Crystals bring a spark of joy and have the ability to uplift, even on the darkest day and you too will feel the ever present support of them as you move through the limitations of lockdown and again as you re-enter a world that is nothing like it was before. Crystals help us guide ourselves back to balance. 

In healing, we aim to get a person back to their ‘natural state’ of wellness and in a lot of us, that feeling is well hidden by material items, alcohol and modern living. Our natural true state is light and balance is our aim to get us through this pandemic and all of its many intricate repercussions. For me, I’m delighted that it’s activating more self awareness in people, because as more of us get into alignment and balance, so does the collective, and the the world will be happier and healthier.

Some top tips for crystal use:

  • Hematite for grounding.
  • Tourmaline for protection (there’s a lot of collective fear we are picking up currently).
  • Smokey quartz for grounding and new beginnings.
  • Sodalite for speaking our truth with clarity and grace.
  • Citrine to light the fire in our bellies and to radiate like the sun, even on the gloomiest London days.

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