Reiki healing, crystal healing, Life coaching, EFT (Tapping), meditation, sound healing, angel cards, mantra and visualisation therapy.

In these 90 minute sessions, we start with a consultation where I will choose the healing techniques appropriate for the session. All sessions will be fully clothed and you will either receive treatments on the healing bed or in a chair. All sessions end with a review of the session and action steps for the next session or a plan for self integration.

Online sessions will follow the same structure, with you being guided through the session whilst you recline comfortably at home, through video call on zoom.

No, my work is as effective at a distance as in-person as I am trained as a Reiki Master, allowing me to send distance healing. All other elements are just the same on screen. Clients who have received both value them in the same way. Some even prefer distance sessions, as they have the luxury of being in the comfort of their home and can access them during lockdown, wherever they are in the world.

The three sessions work together in completing a transformative and lasting effect, allowing you to create new habits and patterns in your life.

Core healing work requires authentic connection and this structure helps build this.

I suggest booking either fortnightly or monthly, but your 3 sessions are valid for 6 months

You will need to first book a 3 session package and then we can create monthly sessions and/or you can join my exclusive membership group. The group is on Facebook and you will receive monthly sessions and guidance.