About me

My work

My years of holistic experience and qualifications, as well as my innate intuition, means that I get to the crux of our sessions quickly yet gently. I can be your guide as a portal to change, and to answer questions that you perhaps did not know needed answering.

From the moment you start a session with me, we will work together to create the life you want. To help you feel happy and vibrant, to remove any obstacles and, ultimately, to leave you feeling transformed, aligned and connected to your true self.I work in three core areas in my sessions, as I understand healing to require a Holistic Approach in order to balance the Mind, Body & Soul.

For the Mind, I utilise my years of experience as a Life Coach and Mentor. Using strategies to help overcome limiting beliefs and to establish new habits and possibilities, in order to align to a more positive mindset.

For the Body, I use EFT, which is a tapping technique that is successful in helping release stored trauma and limiting beliefs. It’s also powerful in overcoming old habits and addictions that no longer serve and easing general stress and anxiety.

For the soul, I use Reiki and Crystal healing to help raise the vibration and flow in the subtle energy system, to help overcome physical, emotional and mental stress, pain, grief and trauma.

A series of stone archways are bathed in soft light. A white woman with brown hair walks though them, her back to the camera

My journey

11 years ago I had a calling deep in my heart to explore and grow beyond what I already knew. I took a bold move to relocate to India to explore myself and consciously shift my limiting beliefs.

It was an incredibly beautiful, exciting and challenging choice – one that has shaped who I am today. My purpose in life is to help you connect to your inner wisdom to help you find the deepest sense of happiness and fulfilment. 

I have been on this path for over 20 years and it has reshaped how I think, live and ultimately interact with myself and others, in an empowering and positive way. 

Using the many tools in my toolbox, including Energy Healing techniques and coaching, I am dedicated to helping you overcome your limiting beliefs and acquire greater freedom in your life. I am here as a portal for your happiness and development.

My Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts)
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary)
  • PGC- Secondary Teaching Certificate in UK
  • EFT Practitioner ( Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • Reiki I Certificate w Crystal & Angel healing
  • Reiki II Certificate
  • Reiki Master/ Teacher Certificate
  • Baby Massage Instructor
  • Certificate in Life Coaching
  • Suicide prevention certificate
  • CAF training – Certificate in Assessment of Learning, Emotional & Behavioural Needs in Education
  • Art of Breathing & Happiness meditation programme