Penelope Blissenden

Transformation Coach

Transformation Coach bringing light and fulfilment into your life

How I work

11 years ago I had a calling deep in my heart to explore and grow beyond what I already knew. I took a bold move to relocate to India to explore myself and consciously shift my limiting beliefs.

It was an incredibly beautiful, exciting and challenging choice – one that has shaped who I am today. My purpose in life is to help you connect to your inner wisdom to help you find the deepest sense of happiness and fulfilment. 

​I have been on this path for over 20 years and it has reshaped how I think, live and ultimately interact with myself and others, in an empowering and positive way. 

Using the many tools in my toolbox, including Energy Healing techniques and coaching, I am dedicated to helping you overcome your limiting beliefs and acquire greater freedom in your life. I am here as a portal for your happiness and development.


Penelope is highly intuitive and has a warm demeanour. She is intrinsically wise, creative and open minded and able to help you work beyond your own limitations.

Transformation Session
Fulfilment Session
Embodiment Session