Penelope Blissenden

Transformation Coach

Are you feeling blocked? I will bring light and fulfilment into your life.

If you are looking to expand, progress and live to your full potential with ease and happiness, I can guide and support you. My expertise lies in getting to the core of what needs to be cleared and balanced to enable you to shine and flow in your innate truth and power.

I am skilled at helping you to overcome grief, emotional challenges, relationship blocks and confidence issues, that you may be consciously or unconsciously carrying.


  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Re-align to the true purpose in your life
  • Increase confidence
  • Connect to your inner power
  • Increase feelings of joy and happiness
  • Feel fulfilled in relationships with yourself and others
  • Feel calm, relaxed and content
  • Feel a balance in the mind, body and soul
  • Connect to your femininity and sensuality
  • Feel grounded and uplifted


Not sure what’s holding you back and how you can heal? Let’s talk.